GENERAL INFORMATION: The Kalglo controlled electric infrared heating system is designed to provide a "spot" or "local" comfort heat in a particular area without the expense of bringing the whole room air temperature up to the temperature needed for the subject to be heated.

Infrared or radiant energy produces heating effects similar to the sun but without the visible light and UV. It heats only when the invisible rays strike upon a solid object or flesh. The ray is produced at the right side of the electromagnetic spectrum. It will not cause sunburn. Sunburn is caused by ultraviolet which is at the left in the spectrum. No ultraviolet is produced by Kalglo heaters.

The Kalglo electronically controlled system is unique because the radiant output of the heaters is controlled by an infrared sensing, automatic feedback, control system. An infrared sensor is placed under a representative heater and close to the subject. The sensor "feels" the air temperature, air movement, the mean radiant temperature (MRT) of the surroundings, in addition to the infrared output of the overhead heaters that the subject feels. It sends a signal 120 times per second to the solid-state temperature control which adjusts the energy being supplied to the heaters and thus the infrared output of the heaters to compensate for changes in the air temperature, air movement, or surrounding MRT. This is a very efficient system and is far superior to a slower acting, air temperature sensing only, thermostat which is just "on" or "off" providing either full radiant heat or no radiant heat. On-off switches or thermostats are OK for large, adult animals which only need heat on very cold days but are not well suited for use with radiant heaters for continuous, life-process heating of small, new-born animals. On-off switches or thermostats can cause stress on these life processes. With the Kalglo system, the heater output can be floating anywhere between "full-on" or "full-off" and it is adjusted gradually and automatically. This "floating" concept is called modulation. The result is even, stress-free, continuous radiant heat, comfortable animals, and longer life for the heater elements.

APPLICATIONS: The Kalglo system is well adapted to most life-processes such as swine farrowing and nurseries, poultry brooding, ratite brooding, dog whelping pens, horse stalls, calf heating, game bird brooding, exotic birds and animals, as well as people heating in milking parlor pits, workshops, and warehouses. It has also been used in greenhouses (particularly germination beds) and for process heating such as ink or paint drying. Consult a specific application sheet for further information. Contact Kalglo for assistance if necessary.


1. Infrared heats directly without wastefully heating all the air first. Heat requirements are sensed at subject level.

2. Infinite automatic modulation assures that the heaters do not run "full blast" but instead put out only the exact amount of radiant heat needed. The KWH meter records only the energy used by the heaters in accordance to the job requirements. If "solar-gain" or other sources of heat occurs, the energy input to the heaters is reduced accordingly.


Basic equipment for controlled infrared heating includes:

1. Heaters: Units are available in 800W at 120V or 240V, 1500W at 120V, 2000W at 240V, and are 35" and 65" long respectively. They have a durable metal sheath heating element. No glass to break. The bodies are of heavy gauge aluminum. They are equipped with a 7' cord with molded plug, 13' of hanging chain, and the necessary screws and hooks to hang them.

2. Electronic Controllers: Units are available in 4.2KW to 16.8KW capacities. The only moving part is the low voltage intensity knob which determines the comfort temperature to be sensed and maintained at the sensor. It has a low limit of 40 degrees and a high limit of 100 degrees with infinite settings in between. If the sensor feels plus or minus 1/2 degree change, it will appropriately seek to alter the controller's energy output to compensate for the change.

3. Modu-Ray® Heaters: These units combine the heater and controller into one self-contained package. The units have built-in solid-state controls for individual regulation - master electronic controller not necessary. Automatic or manual models available in 800W, 1500W, or 2000W capacities. They are ideal for separately heating small groups of young animals in different age groups.


Horse Stalls: One Model HS-1215 (120V 1500W) or one Model HS-2420 (240V 2000W) with conventional air temperature sensing thermostat is what is used for supplemental heat for adult horses. For foaling we recommend the HS-1215RS (120V 1500W) with built in infinite heat regulator or the HS-1215 with separate PR-1218RS wall mounted power regulator. For horse wash stalls we recommend either one HS-2420 model heater or two HS-1215 model heaters. For wash stalls a simple on-off switch, locally provided, is all that is needed to turn the heat on when needed.

Pig Farrowing: For each 20 farrowing crates, ten, 800 watt heaters are needed, because each heater will direct heat to two litters in side-by-side creep areas. A modulating heat controller with sensor is required. One 8400 watt controller will control all ten heaters simultaneously from one point of sensing. Sensor guards are available to protect the sensor from pigs chewing on it and should be used for farrowing. If individually controlled Modu-Rays are used, do not use a master controller - simply plug the Modu-Rays in and they are ready to operate.

Milking Parlors: Use 40-50 watts/square foot of pit area. Four 2KW heaters are sufficient for a double-four or double-six milking parlor. Heaters may be hung on even spacings at right angles to the run of the pit or parallel to the curb line and tilted toward the center of the pit, thus minimizing the heat applied to the cows.

Poultry and Fowl Brooding: The 65" long 120V 1500W or 240V 2000W units provide a large heating pattern to handle hundreds of poultry, pheasant, or quail or a couple dozen ratites.

Workshop-Spot Heating: Usually 10 watts per square foot is adequate for spot heating. Linear applications such as work benches require one 2KW heater for each 8' of length. Hang heaters behind subject and "tilt" slightly so heat sweeps over subject's back.

Workshop-Total Heating: Usually 6 watts per square foot will be adequate when overall heating is desired such as in shops and factories. The exact amount will depend on insulation and the heat loss calculation. Suspend heaters about 8 feet off the floor pointing straight down and evenly spaced over the work area. Match appropriate controller to required number of heaters if you are not using individually controlled heaters.

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