Kalglo Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters
Used for Game Bird/Poultry Brooding

Heater Used for Brooding Chicks. Kalglo File Photo

Benefits and Features

Use one 240 volt, 2000 watt Kalglo model MR-2420 heater per number of birds listed below. All MR models have a built-in automatic control with sensor providing a temperature range from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
The following table is a guide to the number of chicks to be brooded under one 2000 watt heater:

Northern 600 350 500 30
Middle 750 450 650 35
Southern 900 550 800 40

If using a 120 volt, 1500 watt model MR-1215, multiply above figures by .75
If using a 120 volt, 800 watt model MR-1208, multiply above figures by .4

This assumes a reasonably well insulated building. If the air temperature inside falls below 60 degrees F under severe conditions, it may be necessary to provide auxiliary heat beyond that given off by the Kalglo heaters to maintain a 60 degree F air temperature. Additional Kalglo model HS-2420 heaters on a separate circuit from the brooders can serve as auxiliary heat when suspended 6-8 feet above the floor.


Normally each heater is initially suspended about 30 in. above the floor, then raised as the birds age to as high as 48 in. after six weeks. for large birds such as ratites, raise mounting height of brooder and sensor as needed. It is advisable to preheat the brooding area and use chick guards to confine the very young birds to the heated area for the first few days. The sensor should be suspended below the heater about 3 in. above the floor for small birds. The intensity knob should be set for a comfort level that results in little open floor area within the perimeter of the heat pattern and no birds directly beneath the heater. Always allow a less heated area so the birds can escape the heat if they desire. The eye of the manager is important in judging chick comfort levels. Reduce the intensity setting as the chicks age. See chart below.


Weeks old Control Setting Sensor Height Brooder Height Ventilation Rate
1 H 3 in. 30 in. .1 CFM/chick
2 9 6 in. 30 in. .1 CFM/chick
3 8 8 in. 36 in. .1 CFM/chick
4 7 8 in. 36 in. .1 CFM/chick
5 6 8 in. 36 in. .1+ CFM/chick
6-10 5 12 in. 48 in. .1+ CFM/chick

Operating cost comparison between electric infrared and gas brooders

1 cent per KWH electric is equivalent to 11.3 cents per gallon gas.
Example: if your electric rate is .07/KWH, gas should be less than .79/gal to be cheaper than electric infrared.

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