Kalglo Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters
for Potbellied Pigs Which Love to be Warm


Advantages Over Glass Heat Lamps


The model HS-1208RS is rated for 800 watts @ 120 volts. It is 35 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide. The heater body is all aluminum and comes with a 7 ft. cord with grounded molded plug. A manual heat control is built into one end of the heater. The control has an "OFF" position, a "HI" position for 100% output (on full), and variable settings from "LO" to "6" allowing for approximately 23% to 70% output. At a variable setting the control cycles the heater on and off for a percentage of time allowing for an average reduced heat output. Note: This control is not a thermostat so it will not turn the heater on and off depending on the surrounding air temperature. The heater comes complete with hanging chain and hooks, ready to plug in and use.


For best results, this model heater should be suspended no more than 3 ft. above the pig when it is lying down. At this height, the overall heat pattern is approximately 5 x 7 ft. with a 49 deg. F possible rise in temperature directly below the heating element with the control knob set at "HI". Usually the control knob will be set less than "HI" since a reduced output is more comfortable whenever the subject is under the heater for an extended period of time. If the control knob is set at "LO", the heat output over time will be approximately 170 watts per hour. In a small enclosed area, such as a 6 x 8 ft. shed, the air temperature inside will increase but the warmest area will be directly below the heater. If you want the heater to turn on and off automatically with changes in air temperature, use an optional model HTP-1 Plug-in thermostat which has a 0-100 deg. F range. This model thermostat comes with a 6 ft. cord which plugs into a 120 volt outlet. The heater cord plugs into the thermostat cord similar to Christmas tree lights.

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