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Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters: Overhead hanging style IR heaters from 800 watts to 2000 watts for use in heating birds, animals, people, and surfaces. Models available with or without built-in manual controls or our patented electronic controller with infrared heat sensor.
Easy to Understand Typical Uses for Kalglo IR Heaters
General Information About Kalglo Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters
Testimonials From Customers
Technical Information About the Kalglo Electronically Controlled Radiant Infrared Heating Concept
Photos of Various Models of Kalglo IR Heaters

Electronic AC Light Dimmers: Light dimmer models from 2KW to 18KW, 120V and 240V. These dimmers are usually used in agricultural applications for dimming lights in poultry houses or heat lamps in pig farrowing houses, but they can also be used for commercial/industrial applications. LCEFH model dimmers for "dimmable" screw-in fluorescent lamps will dim lights to about 40% brightness, depending on the fluorescent fixture. Full range LCEF model fluorescent light dimmers for use with magnetic dimming ballast fixtures will dim lights to under 5% brightness.
Heavy Duty Light Dimmers for Bulbs/Heat Lamps/Some Dimmable LED Fixtures
Model LC-1220 - Medium Powered, Low Cost Light Dimmer for Incandescent Bulbs
Heavy Duty Light Dimmers for "Dimmable" Screw-in Fluorescent Lamps

Power Protection Products: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors with EMI/RFI Noise Filtering.
Information on models QPC, DPC

Electronic Temperature Controllers: Standard models for Automatically Controlling Multiple Heat Lamps and Electric Infrared Heaters in a Zone. Capacities from 4.2KW @ 120VAC up to 16.8KW @ 240VAC. Thermistor temperature sensor included.
Heavy Duty Automatic Temperature Controllers for Heat Lamps and Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters

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